What is An Email Form?

by olegsherbakov1985

An email form is basically a field where the visitors are asked to put their email addresses in. Once the emails are submitted the website owner gets them immediately. Nowadays, almost all the websites use the email forms with a so-called “email validation”. Email validation is a mechanism that checks whether the information visitor puts in the form, is an email address or not. If YES, the content is submitted and a website owner gets visitor’s email. If not, the visitor is shown an error and submitting a form becomes impossible until its content is changed to the appropriate one (i.e. to an email address). Please note that email validation doesn’t check whether the email entered is real; it only checks if it is an email or something different.

How can it be used? Do you need it? And what for?

If you are a website owner, then you must know that having email addresses of your visitors is important if you want to stay in touch with them. Creating a newsletter and sending news of your website and special offers to subscribers is one of the easiest and reliable ways to remind people of your website. Moreover, the more emails you have, the more people you can send the information anytime you want and of any type, not actually forcing them to visit your website. However, keep the information you sent related to the website’s topic, otherwise your newsletter will soon be considered a spam.


By the way, spam can be a problem as it is the main reason why people provide their real email addresses to the websites in a Blue Moon. You don’t want to get a list of emails with a half of fake addresses, do you? So what should you do in order for your visitors to put in their real emails?

Give them a strong reason to do that! Give discounts to subscribers of your newsletter! Create a giveaway to one of your products for the first 10 visitors of a special promo page and share its link in a newsletter! Find something that the visitors would find important enough, so that they could take a risk and share their real emails.


Ok, but how to create an email form?

As usual there are hard ways and there are easy ways. The hard way is to learn HTML and create the form on your own. If you want the form to have an email validation you will also need to find out how to add it. Or you can Google for something like “create email form”, find the code of a form you like and copy it to your website. Or ask a friend to do that. Or even hire someone. However, in all the options listed above you lose time, money or an option to customize the form. Luckily, all these are the hard ways.


The easy way is to use online form builder. Online form builder is a thing that allows you to create an email form in few clicks, using your mouse and keyboard only. This method requires no knowledge of programming languages. It allows you to create and customize the email form without the need of hiring programmers or asking friends to help! Basically, the only thing you need to know in order to use online form builder is how to copy HTML code of the form inside the code of your website.

Choose the way you think to be the best, embed an email form in your website and start collecting the email addresses of your visitors!